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Steeds meer grote vermogensbeheerders verkrijgen blootstelling aan bitcoin (BTC)

It seems that more and more top asset managers have seen the light of day and want to get to know it Bitcoin (BTC). However, these financial giants often remain somewhat reluctant to immediately take a position in Bitcoin. Exposure is often gained by investing in a bitcoin fund.

Grayscale Bitcoin Box

One of the largest funds in the world Cryptocurrency It is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). New documents released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) show that four major asset managers have bought shares in Grayscale.

This was discovered by Twitterer Macroscope. The first company is Clear Perspective Advisors. This company will own 7,790 shares of GBTC. The second company is Ancora Advisors. They only hold 13,945 GBTC shares.

However, Boston Private Wealth and Parkwood took the cake. Boston Private Wealth owns 88,189 shares of GBTC while Parkwood owns 125,000 shares! These are large quantities. Although it has not yet reached billions of dollars, it shows that asset managers are less afraid of exposure to bitcoin.

Indirect exposure

Large companies and asset managers are increasingly entering the cryptocurrency world. However, direct investment is often a very big step. Indirect exposure appears to be less of a hurdle, as evidenced by an investment Intel in Coinbase.

It also looks like this will only increase in the coming months. Many cryptocurrency analysts believe that since the impressive recovery of Bitcoin, it has entered the next phase of the bull market. This will entice many major institutions to participate in the growth of the crypto world.

So the coming months will be a very interesting period for investors. If we look at the Dutch analyst PlanB We might think we will hit $100,000 in bitcoin this year.

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