Nebraska loses by one point to Iowa 28-21

Nebraska loses by one point to Iowa 28-21

Iowa won the lottery and was postponed. Nebraska and Logan Smothers begin to attack. Jaquez Yant started to run.

Nebraska started the game with a penalty kick to delay the game. In the second play, Smothers hit Samori Toure for 19 yards. Our beloved Mummies put together a methodical campaign, with help from Yant at 4 and 1 and another reception from 28 yards to Tori.

The Smothers took the landing on a two-yard quarterback run led by Yant. It was nice. Quarterback duo, perhaps?

Rushing down the recording of L.Smothers
Recording drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, 5:42
Bat kick by C.Contreraz Good

Iowa started on the 25th with a touch kick. Iowa quarterback Alex Padilla hit tight end Sam LaPorta to complete 30 yards in 3 and 1. Tyler Goodson ran back with some decent running while Padilla hit Keagon Johnson for 11 yards, then Charlie Jones for a 10-yard reception to the Nebraska 9-yard line.

Iowa picked up a false start penalty that sent them back to the 13-yard line. Judson did a great job in the middle of the one-yard Nebraska line. On 4 and 1, Iowa went to play action. Padilla hit Laporta for what looked like a touchdown but the ball went out when he put Laporta on the ground.

The play was called a touchdown on the field, but was overturned by a reasonable official upon review. Iowa fans all over the world grumble and weep over the loss of points.

Iowa flips the ball down and does not score in this drive.

to the second quarter

The two teams exchange the series without dropping first, then Iowa gets the ball at 40 after a 34-yard kick by Will Przystup. Iowa’s game is going well, but they insist on trying to throw the ball. They seem to have picked up first with a 10-yard reception by LaPorta, but the belated flag of the illegal formation flies too late after the play is over.

Kirk picks a field target. Caleb Chudak gets Iowa on the board.

Iowa 51 yards FG

Scoring drive: 7 plays, 27 yards, 2:57

Our beloved mummy has decided to become a team optional. Nebraska started driving on the 25-yard line. The mummies moved down the court as they hit the ball hard. Nebraska snapped first down on a three-way option that included a running back offer, then a foot late to another dip, Yant.

The Smothers had a 24-yard gain after Brody Belt earned 10 yards in the middle of a cucumber appearance. Yant finished the drive with a jump over the pile in the middle.

Nebraska 1 yard TD
Rushing Touchdown Recorded by J.Yant
Recording drive: 13 plays, 75 yards, 6:19
Bat kick by C.Contreraz Good

Iowa starts at 25. Hawkeye’s running game continues to gain enough yards, but the bad guys are adamant about trying to throw the ball.

Iowa gets a gift when Nebraska is called to make a personal foul for undermining quarterback Ty Robinson. Targeting was added to the call, but rejected upon review.

Chudak in Iowa hit a field goal from 48 yards to give Iowa six points before the first half.

Iowa begins on the 25th. Spencer Petras begins returning to Iowa. One might expect fewer passes from the Hawkeyes, but on the first drive, Petras picks up 3 and 9, completing a 13-yard pass to Jones after Nebraska missed an interference.

On the third and third day of Nebraska 42, linebacker Monty Pontebaum rushed for 26 yards and touched down first. Judson runs up the middle on an 8-yard game to the six-yard Nebraska line, but eventually drops the ball and places Nebraska’s Deuter Thomas in the pile!

Nebraska started at the six-yard line. Logan Smothers manages a combination of options and passing to move around the field with relative ease. There were two, no, three big plays on the drive.

  • The Smothers hit Austin Allen for 27 yards so Allen could set the all-time record for receiving space with a narrow end.
  • Throttle hit Omar Manning for 40 yards to earn Iowa a six.
  • The Smothers went under center to do a quarterback offside to capture the first touchdown at 3 and 1!

Rushing down the recording of L.Smothers
Scoring drive: 9 plays, 94 yards, 4:18
Bat kick by C.Contreraz Good

Iowa gets another notch as they drive down the field with some decent passes from Spencer Petras. Complete a 27-yard pass to Luke Lachey. He had completed Niko Ragini. On 3 and 9, Cam Taylor Brett of Nebraska was called to interfere with the pass as Johnson rushed in but somehow Iowa got the call to get a first.

Iowa had two lunges, one of which lost four yards, then Goodson was stopped for short gains of 3 yards. A pass fell with an incomplete terrace and was almost blocked by Markel Desmock. Iowa settled on a field goal.

Iowa 36 yards FG
Scoring drive: 10 plays, 57 yards, 5:27

Nebraska is in complete control, but you must gamble. Boat prohibited for Iowa landing. Special teams!!!!!!

Iowa within 21-16, 14:16 4Q.

Our lovable mummies begin the next journey with a 28-yard pass from Smothers to Allen. It may be a sign that Nebraska will not be conservative in this direction.

Unfortunately, on Days 3 and 4, the Smothers mishandle the exchange, Zach Van Valkenburg forces a fumble to get Logan Lee back. Iowa gets the ball in Iowa 46 with all the momentum.

Nebraska defense halted. Iowa State hits the ball and the beloved Huskers have the ball at the 7-yard line. Twice then, Smothers gets pressured, throws the ball away and is called for a deliberate grounding in the end zone for safety.

9:56 remained in the game (and the season). Nebraska is collapsing. Can we stay together long enough to win this game?

Iowa starts alone 38. Petras hits LaPorta for 20 yards, then plays fairly conservatively with Petras picking Jones first with an 8-yard pass. The Nebraska defense held out again. It’s as if Iowa doesn’t care, and they’re just happy to score another field goal and let our beloved mummies shoot in the foot.

Iowa 44 yards FG
Scoring drive: 8 plays, 36 yards, 2:35

Nebraska goes three times and goes out, but Daniel Cerny takes off on an impressive gamble to hit Iowa 24. Relegation.

Aiwa rushes enough to reach the end zone. Petras slips into the end zone and Nebraska slips by one notch.

This is the same movie we’ve seen all season.

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