Natural gas consumption will decrease in 2021 due to high gas prices

Natural gas consumption will decrease in 2021 due to high gas prices

Although the weather was on average cooler in 2021 than it was in 2020, total natural gas consumption was lower, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. Last year, 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas were consumed in the Netherlands. In 2020 that was still 42 billion cubic metres.

According to CBS, this is partly due to the higher price of gas. As a result, gas consumption among industrial users in particular has decreased. For example, 29 percent less gas was used to produce electricity. This decrease is mainly due to the decrease in consumption in the second half of the year. from september The price has risen steadily† To compensate, electricity was additionally imported or generated by coal-fired power plants or renewable energy sources.

Since less gas is extracted in Groningen these days, the Netherlands has been a net importer of natural gas for a few years now. The Netherlands imported 13.4 billion cubic meters of gas more than it exported. In 2021, 20.6 billion cubic meters were extracted by themselves. A year ago, this was approximately 23 billion cubic meters.

Higher prices may reduce gas consumption this year. Because of the war in Ukraine, the price of gas has fallen in recent days I climbed a lot† Yesterday, the cost of a megawatt-hour of gas to be delivered in one month was €194. That was a 60 percent increase.

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