NASA’s Moon landing will likely be delayed; The space suits are not ready in time | abroad

NASA's Moon landing will likely be delayed;  The space suits are not ready in time |  abroad

The delay is partly due to the coronavirus outbreak. Research centers remain closed and researchers cannot work side by side due to Corona restrictions. Since the outbreak is still ongoing, it is not known how much delay the corona pandemic will eventually cause. In addition, there are technical problems with the spacesuits and not enough funds are available for research, according to the OIG.


Since 2004, the United States has been working on a return to the moon. This involved trial and error, with plans made under one chief and annulled by the successor. The first humans were supposed to go to the moon in 2028, but that was pushed back under President Trump to October 2024, at the end of what he hoped would be his second term.

To achieve this, the entire project had to be accelerated. The spacesuits also had to be designed, tested, adapted and tested again, produced and ready for use years ago. To be able to go to the Moon, the suits must be available by March 2023. This has already been pushed back to November 2024. NASA expects further delays, but there is no longer room in the schedule to accommodate that.

The United States is the only country to have landed humans on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were first in July 1969. They walked on the roof for 2.5 hours. After that, ten more Americans visited the Moon. The latter two returned to Earth in December 1972. No one has gone that far since.

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