NASA shares a new image of the Tarantula Nebula from the James Webb Telescope – IT Pro – News

NASA has released a new image captured by the James Webb Telescope. The image shows the Tarantula Nebula. New images of the nebula show thousands of never-before-seen stars.

NASA publishes a new image of James Webb His website The image was also made available in . format Download with high accuracy. The image shows the Tarantula Nebula, located 161,000 light-years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy. This galaxy is of interest to researchers because stars are relatively easy to see from Earth. In addition, the galaxy contains many relatively young stars.

By photographing young, yet undiscovered stars, researchers hope to learn more about how stars develop. The Tarantula Nebula has been captured before, but with the NIRCam camera of the James Webb Telescope, NASA can now see through the nebula and see more stars.

NASA published last July first pictures From the James Webb Telescope. Since then, NASA has Multiple photos Share it web made. Just last month, NASA released two Composite images of Jupiter to see.

Tarantula Nebula

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