Halina Reagan breaks into Hollywood and can think even ‘crazy and grandiose’ | Movies and TV shows

Halina Reagan breaks into Hollywood and can think even 'crazy and grandiose' |  Movies and TV shows

Hollywood is open to the seal of Halina Rhine

Reijn himself can not be seen in Bodies Bodies and Bodies. Her voice could be heard for a while. You can hear her whisper in the movie: “What did you say to me? You didn’t get it at all.” And that’s not the only way Reijn made her mark on the film.

Human superficiality is emphasized, for example, by scenes in which the group records a dance video for TikTok. And when there is false humility about a self-produced podcast, its success is overstated.

The little ones seem perfect: they are handsome, wealthy and highly educated. But they also have drawbacks. Reijn wonders aloud, “How long does it take to turn these successful people into full-fledged killers?” The director is exploring this issue in more of her works, such as Instinct (2019) and red light (2021), but also in her private life. “What moves me forward? Am I enlightened, intelligent and know-it-all? Or am I just an animal driven by my basic instincts?”

Bodies Bodies and Bodies It is already a hit in the United States. Hollywood seems to be quite open to newcomers from abroad. “If they see the quality in you, they open their arms.” They saw it in Rhine. “I have been very encouraged to stand up in my power, to think crazier and bigger.”

Bodies Bodies and Bodies It can be seen in Dutch cinemas from 8 September.

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