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MyHeritage has released an app that automatically restores old photos using artificial intelligence. Scratches and wrinkles can be removed, among other things, but color can also be added to black and white photos. The app is available for Android and iOS.

With the Reimagine app, users can scan the photo they want to edit in a similar way to Google’s PhotoScan app. However, unlike this app, it is also possible to scan more photos at the same time, for example by pointing the phone’s camera at a page of the photo album. The scanned images are then placed individually into the app.

According to MyHeritage Is it then possible to colorize images, restore faded colors, repair scratches, and increase resolution, among other things. The machine learning technology used for this purpose was commissioned by DeOldify’s MyHeritage.

The app comes with the Deep Nostalgia tool. It was released two years ago by MyHeritage and should ensure that the faces in the photos are animated. For example, heads can be turned and pupils moved, so that the person in the photo appears to be looking in a different direction. In 2022, a “LiveStory” function was added to that tool, which allows users to type text, which will then be “speaked” by the person in the photo through text-to-speech, with lips moving.

Images edited with the tool will automatically contain a watermark. According to MyHeritage, this is an easy way to tell if a photo has been tampered with. Reimagine is a limited free-to-use app. Users who want unlimited photo editing and access to all options must purchase a paid subscription. This costs €9 per month or €55 for an annual subscription.

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