June 5, 2023

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Music studios stole tons of guitars and microphones

Music studios stole tons of guitars and microphones

NOS Newsan average

There has been a notable number of robberies in music studios in recent times. The police said that on the programme discovery is required.

Several studio owners and musicians, including Kensington guitarist Casper Starreveld, have had valuable guitars and microphones robbed in recent weeks. The police don’t have one yet The perpetrators are in the picture, but they believe they have broken into the inside knowledge.

In a studio in Hoogeloon, thieves entered the recording room through a window. At least eighty microphones were stolen there, with a total value of 300,000 euros. “It is likely that the stolen instruments will be returned to the market, and we call on amateurs and music studios to exercise extreme caution online,” the police said.


Four Starreveld guitars were stolen last month during a burglary at a studio in Benschop. “Three of them are dear to me,” Starrfield said on tonight’s broadcast.

These are the unique red Gibson ES-335, sunburst Fender Stratocaster and black Gibson Les Paul. Starreveld calls it a great shame: “The guitars shape the band’s personality.”

“I think you can always build a new band with a different guitar, but that will take time,” he explains to NOS. “In a way it also stimulates the creation of new stories with new guitars.”

He also pleads to find his instruments and music studio equipment: “I believe in karma, this thief would probably step on a sharp piece of Lego.”

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