Mozilla adds a pull-to-refresh feature to the stable version of Firefox for Android – Computer – News

This remains a problem for Mozilla, as it waits too long to release features in the stable branch.
It’s a lot like Debian to me, and it only does new things if it really has to. For me personally, I think that’s a shame, other browsers have left/right bypassed them, right up to the edge for example.

Fortunately, now you can actually run Firefox Nightly on Android, and I’m doing this for more add-ons (Subsorbblock, among others), but I have to create an unfriendly add-on group for this and indicate it through the debug menu, that didn’t Now it also changes for two or three years. Not very friendly and not very user friendly. Also, FF Nightly is more for developers and not for the average user.

Mozilla can make FF Browser more widely used. It has enough potential, but innovations and speed simply lag behind the competition. For me FF remains the main browser, I’ve tried alternatives like Brave, but I trust Mozilla more with my data and think their business model is a little better. Still disappointed with the discontinuation of its new engine, which should improve something like better video decoding and JS performance.

Just afraid they’ll have a really hard time if Google stops funding, and don’t know if they’ll stick around.

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