May 28, 2023

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Italy wants to take tougher action against tarnished monuments, with hefty fines

Italy wants to take tougher action against tarnished monuments, with hefty fines

Climate activists poured black liquid into Barcacia Fountain earlier this month

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The Italian government plans to punish acts of vandalism even more severely. This violation shall be subject to fines of between 10,000 and 60,000 euros, according to the Minister of Culture Sangiuliano. That’s why he made a bill.

The reason for the stricter rulings is the recent actions of climate activists. At the beginning of this month, they poured a black liquid into the Barcaccia Fountain on Rome’s famous Spanish Steps. At the end of last month, activists smeared the facade of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence with orange paint.

Last year, a Van Gogh artwork, among others, was the target of climate activists:

Van Gogh smeared Sower with soup in protest

The measures cause economic damage, says Sanguliano, because antiquities and art objects have to be cleaned using “expensive machinery”. According to the minister, cleaning the recently stained Senate building, the 15th-century Madama Palace, cost around 40,000 euros. According to him, “ecovandals” must take financial responsibility for their actions.

The Italian parliament has not yet approved the bill, but it is expected to gain a majority.

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