Movie! The World Economic Forum praises China’s investment in nature, and there is nothing natural about it

Movie!  The World Economic Forum praises China's investment in nature, and there is nothing natural about it

Sometimes you may wonder if the World Economic Forum (WEF) takes itself seriously. President of the World Economic Forum and Evil Bond Klaus Schwab opened today Evaluation President Xi Jinping introduced the Chinese life. Soon, a social media campaign began. Now the World Economic Forum wants us to believe that China is investing in nature and should set an example for the rest of the world.

Klaus Schwab talks about “nature-based solutions” in his introduction, which seems like a nice way to let nature take its course. Something like cutting back on so the rainforests can recover. Or prevent overfishing so that fish populations recover. Well, it seems that such examples have been thought a little in the wrong direction!

In this video, you can see exactly what’s going on with “Nature-based solutions‘ is meant. China is stamping an “organic dairy farm” out of a patch of desert land. Entire parts of Inner Mongolia’s desert, completely “nature-based”, have been turned into a large-scale food factory.

And the indigenous Bedouins who have lived there for centuries? They are now put into service. Their culture and habitat have been completely destroyed, but then you have some extra cornfields and cows to graze! Boh, what will we do under the leadership of China and the World Economic Forum glorious future to meet you!

Because of this kind of videos distrust Only one more WEF. Everything indicates that they use a nice mystical language and practically something Completely different Means. There is nothing “nature-based” in this at all, as it is simply about very intensive livestock farming in the desert. It’s so thick in this video that you can’t help but wonder if the WEF still believes it. Anyway, you’ve already lost all credibility once you see China as a shining example to the rest of the world, but the actual principles aren’t for the WEF anyway.

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