Mother and daughter in Steenrijk, poor breakfast from their weekly budget: “really weird”

Mother and daughter in Steenrijk, poor breakfast from their weekly budget: "really weird"

How different it is with “rich” Lorraine and her best friend Murphy enjoying luxury in Istanbul. They have 1,800 euros a week to spend. According to the program, Lorraine is a celebrity in Turkey and can often be seen on TV. She also works in the world of plastic surgery.

Mother Krista has had a hard time. She worked in care for years, but due to physical problems, she ended up on welfare. “When the birthdays arrive, I hold my heart again. It’s still possible to supervise one, but sometimes you have three holidays a month. Then it’s a little more joyful.”

The two are overjoyed that they can go to Istanbul. “How wonderful,” Krista says. Mandy’s daughter is completely overwhelmed. “I feel so nervous, but I’m also looking forward to it.” They jump a hole in the air.

After having an extensive dinner, they also go out for breakfast the next morning. There delicious dishes are served. “What a treat,” Krista says. Then of course you have to pay: 50 euros. This is how much Krista has to spend each week. “Normally you wouldn’t do this. If you did, you’d run out of food for the rest of the week. It’s really weird,” she says.

In Leeuwarden, Lorraine and Merv also go out to dinner. It is instantly a “budget vacation”. In addition to lunch, the two can also play mini golf for €3 per person. Lunch consisted of a bowl of french fries.

Participants meet a week after their experiment. Lauren and Merv were so cool at Krista and Mandy’s house. They decide to help them with the electric bill. This makes Krista very emotional. “This is absolutely crazy,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Stone rich, street poor It can be seen every Wednesday at 8.30pm on SBS 6.

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