Morocco is working on its own car brand

Morocco is working on its own car brand

December 24, 2022 – 7:00 PM – Economics


A Moroccan car brand is being developed. “We have a Moroccan initiative and a Moroccan investment to produce a car that can be presented to the competent authorities for registration,” said Minister of Industry and Trade Riad Mazour.

In an interview with Le360 Riad Mazour revealed that Morocco will soon have its own car brand. “We made a prototype. It has successfully passed all the tests and can be offered to customers on very favorable terms.”

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The minister said the car will cost just under 170,000 dirhams and will initially be sold exclusively in the local market. “But we are convinced that we can also give it an international dimension. This is what we are striving for!”

As for other Moroccan car brands, Riad Mazour mentions that there have been similar experiences with Laraque and Manara. “These were luxury cars that brought us honor and joy. Many car enthusiasts in Morocco still remember their names,” he said.

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“But this will be the first mass-produced car available to Moroccan families and will be given a Moroccan name. We are proud that Moroccan investors are helping this sector move forward,” the minister said.

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