Busloads of immigrants were dropped off at the US vice president’s home on Christmas Eve Abroad

Busloads of immigrants were dropped off at the US vice president's home on Christmas Eve  Abroad

Busloads of migrants were dropped off in front of US Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington on Saturday evening (local time). Refugees on the first two buses have been taken to local shelters, a government official told CNN.

More migrants arrived in the evening, some of them wearing only T-shirts as the temperature was below zero. They were given blankets and taken to a local church.

The director of a local aid organization says his club was prepared for the arrival of migrants on Christmas Eve. “Since April, the community in Washington has been welcoming buses from Texas,” Tatiana Laborde said.

It is not clear who sent the buses to Haris’ home. But earlier this year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent busloads of migrants to the northern United States, including one site near the vice president’s home.

Other Republican governors have also railed against President Joe Biden’s administration’s immigration policies this year for immigrants to the North. For example, police in Texas launched an investigation into the ‘immigrant fallout’ through Florida Governor Ron De Santis. In September, he sent two planes carrying 48 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard Island in the Democratic state of Massachusetts.

The White House condemned De Santis’ actions as a “political stunt.” These actions took place ahead of the November mid-term elections.

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