February 7, 2023

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More than 40,000 Dutch people have died from coronavirus, according to CBS

More than 40,000 Dutch people have died from coronavirus, according to CBS

Records of the cause of death always arrive at Statistics Netherlands later than the notification from the municipality that a person has died. As a result, it is impossible to determine which factors played a role in the latest death numbers. There are still excess mortality rates in May, but to a lesser degree than in April, according to figures released by the Census Bureau on Thursday.

An increase in deaths means more deaths than expected based on previous numbers. About 700 more people were killed in May. This mainly concerns people who have received some form of long-term care, such as residents of nursing homes. The death rate in May was relatively high among the rest of the population, but the number of deaths was within fluctuations that could occur.

In April, the death rate was significantly higher. At that time, an average of four hundred more people died than usual. The researchers did not have enough data yet to explain this, but they suspected a link between Corona and the influenza pandemic that was still prevalent at the time. RIVM announced on May 25 that the flu wave is over.

CBS numbers now show that there was no longer any excess mortality in the last week of May. That was only the case in the three weeks before that.

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