More than 100,000 households are applying for emergency support for their energy bills

More than 100,000 households are applying for emergency support for their energy bills
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More than 100,000 families have called for the Energy Poverty Emergency Fund.

Since February, households with low incomes and high energy costs can apply for support from the Temporary Energy Emergency Fund, an initiative of a number of large energy companies and the national government. The application can be submitted until next Monday.

“In the meantime, households with approved applications receive a reduction on their energy bill. This sometimes amounts to hundreds of euros,” says the emergency fund.

Yesterday the Dutch General Association of the Elderly (ANBO) called for an extension of the application period. Anneke Sipkens of ANBO said: “I think it’s special that the emergency fund is now ending. I can’t imagine all the people who are entitled to support have been helped as well.”

Would like to see an extension through the summer. “This gives people room until new measures are known about the incremental energy cost.”


The emergency fund was supposed to start in January, but it got delayed and started a month later. Then it was also decided to allow the application period until the end of April.

Shortly after the fund was launched, there were complaints about the application procedure. According to ANBO, among other things, it was very complicated. Some modifications were made to this, but according to Sipkens it remained a difficult process. “There are so many steps you have to go through. Even for volunteers it’s hard sometimes. That’s why we’d like more time, but we haven’t been given it.”

Until the end of next week, there are still business hours at various locations to help people with their applications. This is possible at the Consultation Hour from Geldfit, a partnership of debt advisors, municipalities and companies.

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