More Russian troop build-up makes war in Ukraine suddenly a race against time | Currently

More Russian troop build-up makes war in Ukraine suddenly a race against time |  Currently

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that Russia More troops to be sent to Ukraine. This may be a reaction to the successful Ukrainian counter-attacks in recent weeks. It also appears to be an attempt to allow the referendums declared by Russia to take place in the occupied territories. As a result, the seven-month-old war is suddenly turning into a race against time. An overview of the current situation.

Russia says it will ask residents of occupied territories in Ukraine if they want to be part of Russia. The pro-Russian authorities want to ask the rest of the population via a Referendum – Direct voting among the people.

The Russian invasion drove many Ukrainians out of those areas. There are only Ukrainians who agree with Russia and the Russians. They are ready to let their residential area become Russian territory. As a result, the referendum result is already confirmed and therefore false. The West already has announce You don’t know the result.

The successful counterattack of the Ukrainian armed forces is now approaching the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. In this area, the question of whether she wanted to belong to Russia was discussed for the first time. Russia wants the play itself to be performed in the occupied (partially) occupied provinces of Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

Mock referendums are scheduled for September 23-27. The polls have been scheduled for the first time mid september. Then they were canceled due to intense fighting in the regions. Then, 4th of November mentioned as a possible date. Now the referendums are still in progress, because Ukraine is regaining territory faster than expected.

The last case in Ukraine.

The last case in Ukraine.

The last case in Ukraine.

Russia wants to use referendums to claim that the occupied territories are not Ukrainian but Russian territory. If the Ukrainian counterattack rushes east, Putin may claim an attack on Russian soil. This is important, because according to Russian law he can use more and heavier means.

experts afraid That “defense Russia” for Putin Could be a reason to deploy nuclear weapons. Putin himself said on Wednesday that he would use “all available means” to protect Russia. He added that Don’t be fooled.

Ukraine started the counterattack two weeks ago. Those counterattacks were more successful than expected, especially in the north. The Russians were expelled from the area around the northern city of Kharkiv, in the province of the same name. Ukraine regained territory in a matter of days in which the Russians had to fight for weeks or even months.

Russia spoke of a “strategic withdrawal”but in several places the departure of the troops was chaotic and aghast. The Ukrainian armed forces were hailed as heroes in the liberated cities. This happened in important cities like Balakliia, Kobyansk And the isium.

These cities are important because they are a gateway to the rest of the Donets Basin. This is the region in eastern Ukraine that Russia is currently focusing on. It occupies a significant part of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. People’s republics were declared there by pro-Russian rebels. They think they are independent from Ukraine. The war in Ukraine began in February after Putin sent Russian troops to “protect the people’s republics”.

On Wednesday, Putin announced that another 300,000 reservists would be sent to Ukraine as additional forces. These are part-time soldiers who have other work in addition to their military work. Putin’s willingness to deploy heavy equipment was evident from Wednesday’s partial mobilization.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, only 1% of the available reserve forces were called up. With this, Russia says it can call in more troops if Putin deems it necessary.

The question is whether the troops will arrive in time to confront the Ukrainian counter-attacks. Conscripted soldiers have military experience, but it’s not their day job. So they need “training” before joining the Russian forces in Ukraine. If the occupied territories were liberated in time, the Russian referendums would collapse.

The West sees the mobilization as a sign of Putin’s desperation. According to German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, the mobilization came as a result of “the failure of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine.” The European Union described it as an “act of desperation”, which only serves to escalate the conflict out of control. Putin is not interested in peace, but only in further escalation.”

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