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Publisher 2K Games was the victim of a cyber attack in which hackers managed to break into the company’s help desk. Then, emails containing malware were sent to players via the helpdesk account.

The cyber attack occurred on September 20, and then by company Emails have been sent to players on behalf of 2K Helpdesk containing a link to the so-called new 2K launcher. Therefore, 2K Games has closed the helpdesk for the time being. So all recent emails from the help desk should be considered fake. As far as is known, no user data was stolen during the cyber attack; It just appears to be a hacked helpdesk account.

2K advises victims not to open the email and the link sent in it. If this has already happened, the company recommends changing all passwords stored in the browser, enabling two-step verification, using antivirus software, and checking that email settings have not been changed.

Outside Inquiry by BleepingComputer It turns out that the fake trigger in the emails is actually RedLine Stealer malware. This software is commonly used to steal locally stored credentials. In this case, the program would have searched for sensitive data in files from FileZilla, Discord, Steam, web browsers, and others.

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