More clarity to farmers about buy-out schemes today | internal

More clarity to farmers about buy-out schemes today |  internal

Buying peak cranes in a hurry

The arrangements took a long time. This was in part because the European Commission has yet to pass a judgment on it. The government needs measures to be able to significantly reduce nitrogen emissions.

There is a rush to buy peak loaders in particular. These make a relatively large contribution to nitrogen deposition in the Natura 2000 regions. Until now it was not clear who exactly these peak loaders were.

But starting today, farmers can check on a special website if they qualify for the peak load plan. A special team will answer their questions about the schemes.

Schemes will follow later to help farmers innovate or expand (make them smaller). With them, there will soon be relatively fewer animals on the pastures. There will also be opportunities to transfer companies or switch to a different type of company. For example, the government wants to offer farms enough options to emit less nitrogen.

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