More clarity on Marco Borsato soon

John van den Heuvel en Marco Borsato

John van den Heuvel has stated that more will soon become clear regarding the gossip swirling around Marco Borsato. “Earlier than you think,” crime journalist Story Weekly told.

John van den Heuvel and Marco Borsato© RTL

Marco Borsato committed according to Gossip Talk act across borders against girls between the ages of 13 and 15. It could have happened during one of the barbecues that the singer organizes annually for his former band members from The Voice of Holland and small variant The Voice Kids.

John responds

Criminal journalist Jon van den Heuvel has known about this for months, according to RoddelPraat presenter Jan Ross, but he wouldn’t do anything about it for commercial interests. “He didn’t want to do anything with it and that also makes sense, because The Voice is from RTL and John can often be seen on RTL Boulevard.”

John now responds to this claim in Weekly Story: “I saw the Gossip Talk broadcast. I wouldn’t say anything about it at all, except that I didn’t respond to the Gossip Talk. Especially if it’s nonsense, when it comes to my part in this story” .

Facts revealed

Remarkably, John does not categorically deny that he knows something about the rumors swirling around Marco. “I think the facts will come out one day. Sooner than you think. But I won’t say anything else about it.”

So far, nothing has been said about the rumors about Marco on John’s show, RTL Boulevard. Meanwhile, Gossip Talk’s broadcast on this matter has already been viewed almost 560 thousand times.

“It’s not going well”

According to Showbiz Hyena Yvonne Coldeweiger, it’s “not going well” with Marco. She notes that he did not even congratulate his son on his birthday last Tuesday. Well, on Instagram then. Other family members did just that.

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“Stalko is not doing well. It’s his son’s birthday and he hasn’t even posted his usual 32-piece collage on his Instagram. Leo made his voice heard.”


Marko doesn’t want to respond to the rumours, but according to showbiz expert Varga Varvarden, Marko is seriously considering that the whole of Holland will soon vomit him. That’s why, according to him, he prepares Immigration to Italy Before. Rapper Lang France has already settled down far from Mark. They have worked together in the past.

Marco participates in Rick van Velthuisen’s radio show summoned To respond to the allegations but that has not happened yet. According to Yvonne Coldvier, the story is partly true; she says herself in touch with one of the alleged victims. This week Marco on the cover story with these rumours.

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