More and more heat waves | Less Meat Deals | Currently

More and more heat waves |  Less Meat Deals |  Currently

On our NUjij interaction platform, visitors can discuss the news and ask the editors questions. We receive tens of thousands of responses every week. In this weekly column we list the best contributions and discussions.

Meat offered for sale less often

A study by the animal welfare organization Wakker Dier shows that meat in the first half of 2022 Often On display from the previous year. NUjij’ers discussed advertising for meat and the arguments for and against eating meat. The reader meat seller, international meat trader, sees a benefit in reducing our consumption of meat:

“Maybe it would be better for the business owner if you omit this, but: we don’t really need that much meat. Eating meat every day is very unnecessary. There are countless delicious dishes that can be made without meat. And I’m not talking about meat substitutes, Only vegetables, herbs and oils.”

“I’m not a big fan of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Although I understand that, for animal welfare, climate or environmental reasons. I am a big fan of a good cut of beef (preferably topped with grains) and the accompanying cooking style (grilling/bbq”. /Reverse sear etc.).”

“But all those kilos of meatballs, chicken breasts, and steaks…there’s a little healthy about that and not at all necessary. It’s also especially ‘delicious’ if you season it heavily. So why not season something else?”

“The world would be a lot better if we pursued quality rather than quantity. And we also had a few narrow minded goods. Once I ate 300 grams of meat a day. Now sometimes a week.”

The realist reader finds meat offerings a good thing:

“I think it’s a positive when certain meats are sold. For example, when free range chicken is for sale, it’s easier to choose that chicken than it is to choose the cheaper ‘regular’ chicken.”

“So I welcome not less, but more meat offerings for better categories of meat, like organic.”

Heat waves will become more common

Soaring temperatures last week and the coming weeks mean we may be able to talk about a heat wave multiple times this summer. This is expected until at least 2060 increasingly The United Nations says they happen as a result of climate change. In the responses, a discussion arose about his causes and the measures we can take against him. Reader Francesco_Moser sees economic growth as the main culprit:

“As long as we continue to drive economic growth, little or nothing will change, despite the small actions we are now trying to take.”

“The world’s population will have to drop dramatically, but it will keep increasing every few seconds. Our children are still learning that you have to keep growing in everything we do, rather than accepting that it’s already good enough.”

“We don’t need equipment to tell us we’re out of toilet paper or any useless technology for that matter.”

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