I raised more than half a million for a man who saved five children from burning the house

I raised more than half a million for a man who saved five children from burning the house

Bostick got into the car after an argument with his girlfriend when he drove past a house in Lafayette, Indiana on the night of July 11, when he saw there was a fire. Police wrote that he was unable to call 911 and estimates that he did not have time to look for others who could. in the current situation.

smoke curtain

He opened the back door and shouted that there was a fire. When no one answered, he decided to enter. Upstairs he found four children between the ages of 1 and 18. He helped them out, as they told him there was another 6-year-old girl they couldn’t find.

Bostic ran home, looking for the kid he couldn’t find at first. According to the police, he even searched under the beds to see where it was. When he was about to return, he encountered a black curtain of smoke.

He was about to jump out of the first floor window, but then he heard howling on the ground floor.

Despite his fear and the feeling of going into the oven, Bostick decided to go for it anyway. He pulled his shirt over his mouth and nose and touched the ground floor on all sides, based on a howl.

jump through the window

He found the girl, but was so confused that he could not find the door. He managed to find the stairs, after which he went upstairs with the girl in his arms. There is a window smashed. Hop down, making sure he landed on the side where he wasn’t holding the baby.

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In the body camera images of the emergency services that have now arrived, it can be seen that he walks towards them with the girl, after which he collapses. The girl was unharmed, but Bostick suffered severe smoke poisoning and severely torn his arm from the smashed window. He was taken to the hospital, where he was put on a ventilator.

To help with exorbitant medical costs, cousin crowdfunding campaign on me. All went so well that more than half a million dollars have now been raised for Bostick. He reports his cousin on the crowdfunding page that Bostick is out of the hospital and is fine. “He’s overwhelmed with all the support and media attention.”


Bostik was also in touch with the family, whose parents were not at home that evening. It is not yet clear what caused the fire, which reduced the entire house to ashes. “But God has sent us an angel,” Dad says emotionally to ABC News.

Bostick sees it differently. In the same interview, he said he was not a hero, and only did what he hoped someone else would do for his family if his house caught fire. “It was all worth it. I kept reminding myself that I’m only making a small sacrifice. This temporary pain, it’s worth it.”

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