June 8, 2023

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Monday's post about Hogwart Legacy flaws and items about DLC and road trips

Monday’s post about Hogwart Legacy flaws and items about DLC and road trips

It’s just a tough Monday. The sun shines (carefully) in most parts of the Netherlands and we will give you the answer to all your burning questions for more than an hour. This solution is called Monday Message. It works simple. You send us a game or geek related question via email or Discord and we answer it. Yes, right… This operation has been running like a train for over fifteen years. In fact, for fifteen jeuuuhhhh on a Monday start, followed by a weekend relish and great answers to often tough questions. This time Daan, Huey, and Jasper are standing behind the desk. They consider a number of questions. Like the flaws in Hogwarts Legacy, the common sense and nonsense of selling used toys and great road trips. You can see and hear this and more in the message Monday of Monday, March 27, 2023.

Monday’s message: Are your old PS2 and Xbox 360 games still worth anything?

Hogwarts Legacy is a huge success. Many, many people in our community enjoy playing the game. But the game has its issues, too. For example, the message writer is unable to start certain tasks. how? Do we know of a solution and did we have to deal with an error that made the game unplayable at some point? While we love to play it. And what should you do with old PS2 and Xbox 360 games that you no longer play? Can you still sell it or does it not generate any money? You will receive answers to both questions from the panel of experts behind the desk.

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Why are we doing so little downloadable content lately?

Another letter writer wondering why we’ve covered so little downloadable content lately? Is this a time thing, or do we just not think the DLC is worth it? Of course the weekly question about the screen is not missing. And then you have it all together for a great edition of Letter Monday.