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a Clay Jailbreak release for PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. This allows users to activate PS5 debug settings, among other things. However, jailbreaking does not allow users to run their own code, making it impossible to run homebrew applications.

exploitation is Posted by SpecterDev, which states that jailbreaking is particularly interesting for developers to “play with”. The jailbreak takes advantage of a vulnerability in FontFace Webkit. The jailbreak works on any digital version of the PS5 and PS5 with firmware version 4.03, which was released late last year. Older firmware may also work, although the jailbreak may need to be modified to do so. Firmware versions after 4.03 will not work as the Webkit vulnerability has since been patched.

The vulnerability has “a lot of limitations and is completely unstable,” according to the modder, which could require users to make several attempts to jailbreak their PS5. The jailbreak provides read/write access and root privileges, but does not allow users to load and run their binaries on their console. With this, it is currently not possible to install patches or hooks into kernel space. This also prevents users from running illegally downloaded homebrew apps or games at this time.

The famous modder Lance MacDonald, who previously released the 60fps patch for Bloodborne, Appears on Twitter How to jailbreak via PS5 Digital Guide. MacDonald then installs Hideo Kojima’s PT demo via the package installer. Due to jailbreaking limitations, this game may not be playable after installation. SpecterDev wrote that developers can “reverse engineering” some aspects of the system with a jailbreak.

PS5 jailbreak is on. Source: Lance McDonald, Via Twitter

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