Animals are no longer welcome at the Tilburg Fair

Een pony op de Tilburgse kermis. (foto: Twan Spierts).

Animals can no longer be used for entertainment at the Tilburg Gallery. This was decided by the Tilburg City Council on Monday evening. The Animals Party has submitted a proposal with six other parties to ban the participation of animals in the fair. Warm summers in particular cause increased heat stress, which is detrimental to the animal.

The ban on animals at the fair means that people are no longer allowed to ride pony, a tradition many children have grown up with in Tilburg. The Rat City is no longer allowed to be on the show. Muizenstad left the Tilburg fair in 2019 due to a YouTube video. In it, animal activists asked questions about whether mice do well during the sweltering summer. So they can’t go back now.

Contract until 2024
LST, Forum for Democracy, 50plus, VVD and CDA oppose the ban on animals in the fair. According to LST, ponies are well looked after at the show and “shouldn’t get any crazier” if they’re no longer allowed. 50plus ended the discussion hoping the “Grub” would still be on show.

VVD alderman Maarten van Asten disagrees with the proposal, but it is implemented due to the majority of the council. He believes that Tilburg municipality must abide by the contracts that are still valid with the pony fair operators. These will last until 2024. He also noted that the worker who raises the ponies at the fair has already left them at home during a number of warm summers.

animal welfare research
The city council will also investigate whether the use of animals for entertainment can no longer be included in the events policy. The Animal Party does not want to use more animals during the events in Tilburg. Then they think of Sinterklaas’ horse and sheep in the nativity scene. The city council doesn’t want to go that far, but they will investigate whether a ban is possible in the long run.

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