February 7, 2023

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Mmorpg Lost Ark will be playable in the Netherlands from 14 July – Games – News

I’ve noticed that Valve’s support desk thinks in a very human way in and of itself.
You see that people using the automatic detection system often receive a message, warning, or sometimes a temporary ban.

Serious violations are punishable by revocation of the license or permanent ban.
(Serious violations, for example, buying licenses in South America via VPN and using them in the Netherlands. In short, violations that you intentionally want to get financially)

If you set up the VPN to play a game that is not available in your region, the ban will not be issued quickly at all. (I only read about this on forums where people got a message or warning)

The notice should be viewed as a statement by Valve that you are solely responsible for your use of the Software and that you may be violating local law.

The warning almost speaks for itself, you are violating the terms of use of Steam or the software you are using on Steam. If it recurs, other measures may follow.

A temporary ban can sometimes be issued if you’ve almost intentionally abused it.

In the event of a serious breach, they will revoke the illegally obtained licenses without you being entitled to compensation
Do not try to argue with them if they are right, because you can also be punished severely with….

Permanent ban.
Everything is lost forever, the forums lead you to believe that objection to this often has little effect.
If they want to impose this punishment on you, you must have repeatedly done something wrong or have already done something unacceptable.

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