MLB Wild Card: Desperate Phillies beat the Nationals for a losing streak

MLB Wild Card: Desperate Phillies beat the Nationals for a losing streak

WASHINGTON – The citizens of Washington proved just what the retreating Phillies needed on Friday afternoon.

The Phillies beat the Rain and the Nationals 5-1 in the first game with a double header in the nation’s capital.

Billy Walter made a solid start and led Rhys Hoskins into an early tour with his 30th house and a late tour with an RBI single.

The victory propelled the Phillies’ lead over the Milwaukee Brewers to a game in the battle for third and final place in the National League. Phils holds a tiebreaker on Milwaukee so that he puts his magic number for entry into the post-season at five. There could be more action in the race later Friday night as the Phillies play their second double-header game against the Nationals and host the Miami Brewers.

The Phillies entered Washington, losing five in a row and 10 out of 13 previously. They had been “embarrassed” – to use the word Jan Segura – the previous three days at Wrigley Field, scoring only three runs while being swept away by the Cubs.

Theoretically, the humble natives (54-102) considered it just the prescription Phillies needed to recover — or at least start feeling better. Phillies dominated Washington by scoring 13 wins in 15 previous meetings this season. A Game 1 win improved the Phils to 14-2 against the worst team in the majors. They need to keep pouring it into the night’s cup and throughout the rest of the four-game series.

Of course, weather could be an issue as the remnants of Hurricane Ian begin to roll into the Washington area. Rain expected Friday night and throughout the weekend.

Update: 2 Friday game has been postponed due to rain. The Phillies and Nationals are set to play a separate entry on Saturday at 1 and 7 p.m.

The Phillies didn’t hit Homer and had only two extra hits in Chicago. Hoskins broke the no-home drought with a single shot against Erik Fede in the first half. Later that inning, JT Realmuto stole his base 19 and 20 becoming the second player in major league history to reach 20 steals and 20 players in the same season. Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez hit 35 Homer and stole 25 bases in 1999.

Brandon Marsh scored a brace and was knocked out of Segura in the fourth game and the Phils rushed through an unearned game in the sixth before Hoskins netted in the ninth.

Walther made six stops and only gave up three times. Walked two and hit six. The left hand was excellent in the role of packing rotation. Phils has been 7-2 in his last nine games.

Zach Evelyn, Jose Alvarado and Ceranthon Dominguez rounded out the match. Dominguez wasn’t sharp. He loaded the rules before ending the game with a penalty kick and a penalty kick.

Noah Sendergaard is set to start the Phillies match against right-hander Tommy Romero, who will start his second major league campaign.

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