March 30, 2023

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Mitch (24): I decided I'd be happy with the €1,200 net.|  salary

Mitch (24): I decided I’d be happy with the €1,200 net.| salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman that every week. Today: Mitch, 24, is the owner of a music school and has a company with which he develops show concepts for everything you can see on stage: from costumes and choreography to sound sets and lights.

What do you earn?
“I transfer myself 2,200 euros every month. This is my net salary. I could transfer more, but I need this amount to cover my costs. The turnover changes every month, but if you look over the years, my company is about 5,500 euros per month.”

happy with – happy with who?
,,Yes. I’m very happy. Running a business is tough, especially in the music world. I decided that I would be happy with my 1200€ net. But I soon found out that I really wouldn’t be able to live that time. So I had to start making more money. In the beginning I had an education, I was a cook and I was into the music business. I made the decision to focus fully on the world of music and it paid off immediately.”


My rule is: I make myself about what I need

Do you have to work hard for your money?
“Yes, I have to work hard for my money. Although I’m not always at work, I always have to be with something. Just showing my face at music school to chat with parents, students, teachers or to be present at a show. Before that I was I cook and give music lessons on weekends. Now I’ve turned my hobby into my job, I’m so grateful for that.”

How did you determine what you allowed yourself as a salary?
“My rule is: I make myself around what I need. This is mainly to protect myself so that I don’t spend too much. If I have 4,000 euros, I will spend it too.”

You are young, do you take advice?
“Many of my friends are working in the same field that I can talk to about entrepreneurship. I’m not interested in how to earn the most money, money actually doesn’t matter much to me. I’m more interested in building a strong community in the music school. Students should be well educated and give a lot Of interest. If they are happy, eventually my business will also grow. I can live with it and that’s important. If I wanted to get rich, I would get into boring bitcoins.”

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
“There are big differences in the world of music. It could be 0 euros or 10,000 euros. I know some people who own a music school, they earn maybe 4,000 euros. Most of them are 10 years older than me.”


I have an expensive hobby: jumping rope. A good rope costs about 100 euros

What do you like to spend your money on?
“I think it’s great to keep investing in better equipment for music school. I also love spending money on culture, events and museums. When I buy clothes, I buy from small businesses. I think it’s important to support them. And I have an expensive hobby: jumping rope. A good rope costs About 100 euros. It’s the cold version of running. I once lost 20 kilos because of it. Really crazy.”

How do you see your future?
“I think after I was 35H The music school wants to release more so that I have a net passive income of €2,000. Then I could focus more on show concepts and making music myself. You definitely don’t have to hack as a musician, it always involves a lot of luck. You can’t gamble with it. You have more control over your own business. If you focus and really want to, you will definitely get there.”

Is Mitch earning enough?

Age: 24
Number of years of relevant work experience: 9
Number of working hours per week: 40
Education level: MBO-4
Position: owner of the music school
Industry: Music Industry

If Mitch works at a music school, he will be subject to an art education collective labor agreement. His position is comparable to Senior Strategic Manager and falls on scale 14. The gross salary ranges between 4,716 and 6,307 euros per month.

Mitch: I can’t imagine anyone of my age and credentials holding that position. Even if I have the opportunity to work in this position in the future, being an entrepreneur will be more valuable to me than an extra number in my bank account.

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