‘Miss Bitcoin’ has amassed a $2 million budget at STAP in a few months

'Miss Bitcoin' has amassed a $2 million budget at STAP in a few months

This is evident from the data released by the UWV After requesting public access from research platform Follow The Money.

Technical Analysis

STAP stands for Stimulating Labor Market Position. With the STAP budget, each Dutch adult can receive an annual subsidy of 1,000 euros to follow the courses. This is intended to improve your position on the labor market, but it soon became clear that support is also widely used for shady courses.

And if you offer a popular education, you can also get rich quickly, as it turns out. For example, Vos offers a technical analysis course. In ten courses, students are taught how to “read charts,” learn how to “respond to price movements” and “make money through trading,” Vos writes on her website. Technical analysis is a controversial method of predicting how prices will develop in the future.

2 million euros

According to the data, her company has collected more than two million euros in less than four months. The cost of the online course was 797 euros, but the participants did not notice it at all. “Take Free Technical Analysis Training with STAP Budgeting,” Vos headlines in all caps on its website. The price has now risen to 897 euros.

So, Vos has found a way to reach many students very quickly, via what is called an affiliate program. For example, a student who nominated another student received €100, which was also paid from the STAP budget.

Since then, Voss has stopped using the controversial method, which essentially costs taxpayers their money, after parliamentary questions were asked about it, she said. Vos has also informed RTL Z that the €2 million amount is incorrect in its opinion.

However, uncovered documents show that 2,544 students received a subsidy for the course at Voss. Together good at €2,027,568.


But according to Vos, the UWV has published a “wrong set of data.” In fact, the number of students who took the course was much less. She doesn’t want to say how many subsidies Vos has received with her company and how much support she has received in total.

Voss also doesn’t want you to set the course amount according to her About Delivered. “We don’t want to make any statements about this until we get the correct data ourselves, at the moment we don’t have a clear overview. Old listings and cancellations cause more confusion.”

A UWV spokesperson confirms that there may be “some difference” in the amount of support awarded and the amount the course provider ultimately receives. If a student applies for support, but ultimately does not follow through, the provider will not receive the money.

Controversial arrangement

This isn’t the first time the support system has caused an uproar. Earlier, research by RTL News showed that course providers have significantly raised training costs, because the state is still withdrawing money.

Another study by RTL Nieuws showed that it was also teeming with training courses that had nothing to do with development in the labor market. Such as the course to “reveal” or “discover yourself”. Or how about “gemotherapeutics”.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is not responding to Voss’ case, but notes that Minister Karen van Gennep already said at the end of last year that STAP rules were getting stricter.

stricter rules

“This is why measures are being worked on to better and earlier exclude courses that do not meet STAP requirements from the training register. The Minister also wants to be able to better deal with trainers who use STAP as an inappropriate income model,” he said. official speaker.

So no support will be paid in January. This time is used to set new rules.

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