Lenny Kohr still appeared on TV with “De Troubadour,” but in reruns

Lenny Kohr still appeared on TV with "De Troubadour," but in reruns


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It appears that the feud between singer Lenny Kohr and broadcaster AVROTROS has been settled. The singer was angry with the broadcaster and producer because her performance was cut from a TV taping for the Great Eurovision Song Contest.

AVROTROS and producer PilotStudio have now promised Kuhr will perform in the telecast reruns, she wrote on Twitter. On Eurovision Song Contest week anyway. Thanks to everyone who supported me. troubadour spirits!”

Last Wednesday, the singer discovered that her performance had been cut off from broadcast television. The recording took place last November at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Kohr performed the song troubadourwhich she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969. To her surprise, it was missing from the broadcast. She called it disrespectful that she was not known to be involved in this decision, according to reports Brabant broadcast.

AVROTROS told ANP that choices should always be made when putting together an assembly. The choice to cancel Kohr was motivated in part by the fact that the singer “has already appeared on the concert recording in recent years. No artist has been previously promised that he will appear on television.”

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