Ministers consider reporting against FVD MP for tweeting with Nazi flag

Ministers consider reporting against FVD MP for tweeting with Nazi flag

This weekend, the Forum MP tweeted a photo in which Kuipers and Van Genip appear to be flying the Nazi flag.


Several options are now being explored and analyzed legally. Because it is about the declaration of two ministers against a member of Parliament, it may be necessary to take a decision of the Council of Ministers. This is possible on Friday during the regular cabinet session, but also earlier. If necessary, an additional cabinet meeting can be held quickly, even digitally.

It has not yet been decided whether the relevant ministers will actually submit a report.

Photo shop

Last week, the two ministers posted a photo online of themselves raising a flag of the United Nations’ sustainability goals on the building their department shares. In his tweet, Van Houwelingen also included an image in which that painting was replaced with a Nazi flag. The accompanying text was “Facade and Reality”.

The message has since been removed on Twitter. Van Houwelingen replaced it with a plaque with the Communist flag.

take a stand for something

The Council of Ministers takes a clearer position on the statements of the Democracy Forum. Earlier last week, the Cabinet decided to walk away from Thierry Baudt’s contribution during public policy reflections. According to legal experts, the Council of Ministers has several options: either to submit a report as a ministry, or by the ministers themselves personally through the Criminal Code. The Public Prosecution Office can also investigate or prosecute independently.

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