Minister: The additional energy fee of 800 euros is not for large groups

Minister: The additional energy fee of 800 euros is not for large groups

Social Affairs Minister van Jennip does not see any possibilities to expand the group of families receiving 800 euros in energy compensation. He urged the House of Representatives yesterday to expand the plan. But the minister does not like this, as evidenced by the controversy surrounding the decline in purchasing power due to the rise in energy prices.

The Cabinet decided to give everyone living on 120 per cent of the social minimum €800 to alleviate the suffering of a high energy bill. They get this money through their municipality. One The majority of From the House of Representatives it is preferable to set the limit at 130 per cent of the social minimum, so that more people on low incomes can benefit from it.

Van Gennip said in the discussion that group expansion costs a lot more money, and there is currently no cover for this. Moreover, the municipalities already have a full hand in implementing the scheme as it is now, she said.

Don’t make it more complicated

The compensation plan is expected to cover about 850,000 families. About 350,000 of those in the image of municipalities, they can quickly anticipate the money in their accounts. Another 500,000 people will have to register themselves and then municipalities will have to check if they are actually eligible.

“Municipalities say they can handle it. So we shouldn’t make it more complicated,” Van Gennep said. If the pool is expanded to 130 percent of the social minimum, that means a lot of extra work for the municipalities.

No additional fee system

“Plus, you’ve changed the problem, because what do you do with people who are a little over 130 percent and get nothing?” Van Genip asked. She does not like a system in which support decreases as income rises. “Then you end up in some sort of bonus system and we want to get rid of that,” she said, referring to the subsidy scandal.

Van Gennep has ensured that everyone who qualifies for it will actually get €800, even if more people attend than expected. 800 euros is the leader and not the budget we allocate for it.”

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