Chantal Bliss is emotional about her daughter’s first visit to a hairdresser: ‘That horrible chemotherapy’

Chantal Bliss is emotional about her daughter's first visit to a hairdresser: 'That horrible chemotherapy'

According to Chantal, a first visit to a hairdresser is a “moment” for every parent. For me it definitely was, because it felt like yesterday when her hair was gone because of the horrible chemotherapy. But look at it now! The most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. To make your first time in the barber chair unforgettable, they went the extra mile. To make this moment even more special, he let Jada have pink hair. We are very proud of our hero.”

When Jada was two years old, her kidney cancer with metastases was discovered. Robert said later Rooijakkers across the floor He still remembers the exact date on which they heard this news. “April 24, 2018. This is a date you won’t soon forget,” he says of this.

Robert was in England that day, when his still pregnant wife Chantal went to the doctor with their daughter Jada. After making all kinds of investigations, Chantal really started ringing the bell.

Doctors said that Jada had a tumor in her kidney of 12 by 12 cm, after which the ground sank under Chantal’s feet. “I started screaming and started hitting him,” Chantal says. “I was shivering incredibly,” she adds.

I decided to call Robert right away in England. Because of Chantal’s trauma, it was the doctor who brought the bad news to Robert. “I get the phone and the guy says, ‘Your wife can’t talk and your daughter is here either. I have been diagnosed with cancer. it’s wrong. We are going to the hospital now,” said Robert. “I sat on the floor, I went crazy,” he says.

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