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The three nominees for the 2021 Big Brother Awards are Minister De Jonge, Minister Grapperhaus and Secretary of State Van Huffelen. This award, awarded by Bits of Freedom, is for the biggest privacy breacher of the year.

To be eligible for the award, a “privacy violator” must be the cause of a “scandalous scandal” in the Netherlands in the past year. The winner of this audience award will be determined in the voting round. In addition, an “Expert Prize” will be awarded, the winner of which will be determined by a panel of experts.

Outgoing Health Minister De Jong is one of the contenders for the award due to “the unmotivated submission of tickets to enter Corona for more and more places.” According to BoF, citizens have less and less freedom to choose whether to use a QR ticket. BoF writes that places where token display is mandatory are increasingly approaching our basic needs. The fact that there was no possibility of CoronaCheck being revoked would have also contributed to De Jonge’s presence on this list.

Minister Grapperhaus owes his candidacy to NCTV’s secret “fraud” as the third secret service in the Netherlands, writes the BoF. this coordinator Watched for years without permission Research conducted by the Norwegian Refugee Council showed that citizens have fake accounts on social media. Wednesday Grapperhaus served The law should give NCTV the legal authority to process citizen data. A number of aspects of this law have been amended, following earlier criticism from the Dutch data protection authority and the Council of State.

Finally, the Secretary of State for Finance, Alexandra van Hovelen, is a privacy breacher according to the BoF due to her contribution to the allowance issue. BoF wrote that during years of discriminating against dual nationals on the basis of origin, by classifying them as more vulnerable to fraud, the privacy of many innocent families has been violated. Citizenship allowed by tax authorities Don’t register at all.

The Big Brother Awards will be held on December 13 for the 16th time, after the event was canceled last year due to Corona measures. The expert award winner will also be announced on that date. Bit of freedom says Not to hold a physical award show, but to actually hand out the awards to the winners in the presence of the press.

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