An American journalist has been jailed for 11 years in Myanmar

An American journalist has been jailed for 11 years in Myanmar

American journalist Danny Fenster was convicted behind closed doors last Friday Imprisonment for up to eleven years, Has just been released from prison. A former US diplomat says Fenster has been released.

This is related to Bill Richardson, who was ambassador to the United Nations on behalf of the United States. AP News Agency reported According to Richardson, Fenster was released and extradited to Myanmar. The journalist was returning home via Qatar.

Richardson claims to have negotiated the release during a recent visit to Myanmar. During that visit he had several meetings Military rulers Who carried out the coup in February. Famous Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won an absolute majority in parliament late last year. According to the military, there was fraud, but international observers found no evidence to support the claim.

‘No evidence’

Frantier headed Myanmar’s Independent News website. According to the news site, Fenster was charged with treason and violating immigration laws, among others. This would be a very severe punishment based on such charges. According to Organization However, “there is no evidence that he has been convicted.”

Frontier Myanmar Editor-in-Chief Thomas Keane is pleased to learn about the release. “Danny was one of many journalists mistakenly arrested for doing their job after the coup in Myanmar,” he told the AP. More than 7,000 people have been arrested, charged or convicted for political reasons since the coup. Dozens of them are journalists. According to the new ruler, they are stirring up the people with ‘fake news’.

According to Reuters, he is the first American American journalist to be imprisoned since the military took power in Southeast Asia in February. The 37-year-old American was arrested in May while attempting to leave the country by plane.

According to his colleagues, he was imprisoned in the infamous Incheon prison in Yangon, the country’s largest city.

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