Mike Vrabel: We’ll decide next week if Josh Dobbs or Malik Willis start against the Jaguars

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans

Dallas Cowboys vs Tennessee Titans

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The AFC South will be on the line at the end of the season when the Titans play the Jaguars, and the Titans don’t yet know who their starting quarterback will be.

Mike Vrabel, head coach of the Titans, made the surprising decision to start newly arrived Josh Dobbs on rookie. Malik Willis In Thursday night’s loss to the Cowboys, he said after the game that the decision would be made next week.

“We’ll continue to digest this over the weekend and make a decision,” Vrabel said. “Malik has worked hard, but then we’ll just have to see what we’re up to with the quarterback position here that comes down to the last week of the season.”

Although the Titans lost, Vrabel was impressed with how quickly Dobbs was able to get in and learn the offense.

“It was a great opportunity to take stock of Josh. We’ll make a decision in the future. He’s done some good things. We’d definitely like to have a few more throwbacks. We’ll kind of see where things are here in a couple of days,” Vrabel said.

With Ryan Tannehill On injured reserve, the Titans don’t have any other options. Dobbs or Willis will start with the qualifiers on the streak next weekend.

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