Miguel Theos-Colonel defended censorship and claimed that the revolution justified the lack of freedom of expression in Cuba

Image courtesy of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel (photo: EFE / file)

Freedom of expression in Cuba, highly sought after by Cuban artists and dissidents and around the world, President Miguel Diaz-Colonel said in a speech on Tuesday that this was limited only by the existence of the revolution.

“Freedom of expression in revolution is constantly defined by the right of revolution”Theas-Colonel, the first secretary of the Communist Party (PCC, Unique), said at a meeting with a group of intellectuals and artists on Monday night.

“We are not going to give the revolution or its place. We have to manage them better by learning more about everything and everyone., He underlined in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the speech “Words for the Intellectuals”, where Fidel Castro defined the cultural policy of his new socialist revolution in 1961.

On that occasion, Castro affirmed: “Within the revolution, everything, outside the revolution, there is nothing”, words with many interpretations over those six decades, And the Theas-Kennel government recognizes the validity.

“‘Everything within the revolution’ is the only thing under discussion is the revolution. There is no truth in her controversy. That is the truth, the reason for that meeting.” Dias-Colonel said. However, “We firmly believe that art is not just a right to work, it is a commitment Aimed at provocative, dangerous, challenging, questioning, improving and liberating“He added.”Subjective and cowardly censorship is an act against culture”.

But still “2021 Cuba will have no place for regular liaisons or mercenaries”, Dias-Colonel said.

Miguel Diaz-Colonel with Raul Castro during the VIII Congress of the Communist Party in Havana on April 19, 2021 (Photo: Ariel Le Royro / via ACN REUTERS)
Miguel Diaz-Colonel with Raul Castro during the VIII Congress of the Communist Party in Havana on April 19, 2021 (Photo: Ariel Le Royro / via ACN REUTERS)

On November 27, 300 young intellectuals and artists took the stage Unprecedented resistance In front of the Ministry of Culture demanding freedom of expression. Officials from the company got the protesters group and decided to start the conversation.

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“There was talk of dialogue, and finally it began, but it did not yield the desired results., Novelist Leonardo Badura commented in a recent interview.

“What happened on November 27 was a sign of need and presence. After that I had the possibility Manipulations, Different measurements, Levels may be Fundamentalists On the one hand, it does not detract from the fact that this is a valid statement, ”he pointed out.

(With information from AFP)

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