Flights: Argentina, most restricted countries

Argentina became part of the group due to new restrictions imposed by the government restricting the arrival of passengers in the quota of 600 people Highly controlled countries when accessing their borders by air. The World Air Transport Association (IATA) has noted that it is uniting airlines around the world, which has called for an emergency meeting with Argentine officials, warning that the new measure ordered by President Alberto Fernandez will attract thousands of passengers.

“Argentina is the only country with a passenger limit of one day. It is not available in any other country in the world,” he said yesterday. Peter Serde, Regional Vice President, CNN Radio.

Advice Nation IATA sources argued: “Many countries, such as Canada, have restrictions that allow only international arrivals at four airports, or that Australia and New Zealand have more or less closed borders. But the problem is, Argentina decided in advance to cut and It did not clarify how these 600 passengers would be distributed Per day, even if the lines already have approved and booked flights ”.

The government yesterday issued a document saying, “More than a hundred countries have opened their borders with restrictions, as well as in our country.”

The fact is that the restrictions on arriving in Argentina refer to an average of three daily international flights to Essex.Industry sources say that in recent months, with a movement of 3,000 passengers, eight to nine visits a day have been operated (before the epidemic, this flow was about 33,000 people a day).

Meanwhile, most countries, beyond the weight movement and difficulty of entering, Flow of passengers Essential is maintained with some specific requirements for locals and travelers, but it is A specific allocation has not been considered In the number of passengers. In fact this can be seen in the number of flights arriving.

In case, within the region, Uruguay Except for diplomatic, personal or economic-labor reasons, the country’s borders are closed to residents with the express approval of the executive. However, Karasco Airport in Montevideo estimates it will receive five international flights today. Meanwhile, in Chile, Despite being ordered to close until the end of June, it has restricted entry to residents and essential travelers only, international arrivals have not stopped: 10 flights from abroad entered Santiago on Saturday, 11 yesterday, with an average of eight to 13 arrivals.

A Brazil You can enter freely regardless of nationality, but a negative PCR is required up to 72 hours in advance, and passengers will have to be isolated depending on the target city. For its part, Peru It also maintains a limited opening and Lima received eight international flights yesterday.

In Europe, Germany It banned entry from Portugal and Russia, and allowed entry to those with German nationality or residence permit. Yesterday it had more than 60 visits, only in Frankfurt. Former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan Maintains international income ban, but received five international flights yesterday for its residents.

Yes OK New Zealand For the first hours of the day, eight flights from Sydney were scheduled, with an air bubble maintained with Australia and allowed to receive flights from neighboring countries without the need for isolation.

Your page Spain This limited the income of travelers from the UK, who now have to give a negative PCR or get vaccinated (at all levels). The limits start operating in 72 hours, with the Barajas Airport in Madrid expecting four arrivals on flights from London this morning. In the Iberian Peninsula, travelers from Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Thailand and Rwanda are allowed to enter because they are classified as safe by the European Union until they are vaccinated. However, despite not being on the list, eight flights from Mexico City, two flights from Buenos Aires and four from Lisbon to Portugal are expected to be added as the day progresses.

The Solomon Islands, An archipelago of more than half a million people in Oceania, plans to acquire five international flights between today and tomorrow. Two from Malaysia, two from Australia and one from the Republic of Vanuatu.

Sydney, n Australia, It is closed to tourists, but at least a dozen international flights have entered. In South Africa, Botswana It maintains its borders open, but with some restrictions, there were six planned visits. Most are from Johannesburg, South Africa.

On the Asian continent, Thailand It maintains its boundaries properly and can only do so by air for travelers wishing to arrive, provided entry clearance by the embassy and service for 14 days of isolation in officially approved hotels, even if vaccinated. There were eight international visits to Bangkok.


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