Migrants found dead on the border between Poland and Belarus

Migrants found dead on the border between Poland and Belarus

On Sunday, four bodies of migrants trying to enter the European Union were found in the border area between Poland and Belarus. It concerns three people who were found on the Polish side of the border and a woman who was found on the Belarusian side.

It is not yet clear how the four died. Polish police launched an investigation.

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki comments on Belarus’ immigration policy in a statement. In response to EU sanctions against President Lukashenko, the country has stopped blocking migrants on their way to the bloc’s external borders since last May.

Morawiecki described that policy as a provocation. He described the discovery of the bodies as a tragic event.


It is not yet clear where the four people who died came from. A local police officer said one of the cases involved an Iraqi immigrant who was found dead in a forest by local residents. Two men accompanying him were arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

The deceased woman was found with five other people, including three children.

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