Microsoft working on Surface Go 4 with Arm-soc, Surface Pro with 11-inch screen – Tablets & Phones – News

What I’m missing about tablets is a good case to turn them into a real laptop. I think the kickstand is good if you want to use tablet mode, but I think it’s really bad. It really doesn’t work as well as normal to forbidsummit.

What I would be most interested in is a keyboard deck accessory like the Surface Book 2, but without any hardware (except maybe a battery as an extra battery and to balance the weight).

The good thing about Surface tablets is that they work better for multi-screen use than a Samsung tablet. Android and even DeX are not compatible with Windows for multi-monitor desktop use. It’s very annoying that Samsung is the only option (or Apple), because everything else doesn’t support USB video output. Not to mention they offer Thunderbolt/USB4 for docks.

Surface products work very well with Notes apps. Like OneNote. If you need that, Surface is a good solution. Personally, I would buy a Rennaiser stylus (it’s more fun, in my opinion).

If you don’t take notes, just buy a notebook. Hence the superficial products become really unnecessary. And I still recommend the Wacom product to illustrators.

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