Microsoft will automatically move Windows 10 21H2 users to 22H2 – PC – News

I’m calling you naive because you assume the target user is able to make that decision themselves… Historically, this simply isn’t the case.

Is this a computer system problem or a user problem?

Philosophically speaking, I’d say it’s a user problem. The following sounds arrogant, but it’s a fair question: what good is a computer user if they can’t or aren’t willing to educate themselves about computers and how to handle them (somewhat) safely?

Computer system intervention to solve this problem and take control away from the user. This in turn ensured that an ever-growing array of computers were used to perform more and more tasks, so that it is now impossible to imagine the street scene without it. This has also resulted in this group of users now being a danger to themselves and others.

A computer system solution might sound good at the time, but over the years it has become a big deal. It has also ensured that this group of people who are unable or unwilling have become (considerably) larger and often also more stupid (in terms of computer use).

The real solution was end user education. Let’s quote the comparison of cars again: maybe even a kind of “driving license” with a theoretical and practical exam part.
Yes, I am well aware that this solution would have required a lot of effort at first and slowed down the entire development of computers for decades.

However, we now have a group that really cannot be called better, I think. Something with baked pears, I think. The unable and/or unwilling user drowns in jargon and clicks buttons thoughtlessly, because they have ended up in a society where they have little sense without a computer/laptop/tablet/phone.

Users who are interested in computers and acquire knowledge/skills related to it were very quick to push the computer in society in general. The thinking behind it wasn’t bad. on the contrary. But it led to the kind of misery that afflicted all computer users.

But the rescue is already underway, the single-board computer. Powerful and skilled enough for the tinkerer, while also tough enough that an incapable and/or unwilling user won’t care. And the fact that an “adventurous” incapable and/or willing user soon gets hurt when dealing with SBCs is a boon.

Hopefully as a community we can be smarter and leave the situation with squad building challenges as it is now: excellent for the skilled user and challenging for willing (new) users, who value reward better than previous generations did..

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