Microsoft: Ten years is enough for Sony to make a Call of Duty alternative

However, Microsoft points out that even though they are committed to a 10-year contract, they still want to release games on PS after the contract due to their large player base.

As far as self-development is concerned, I think the big problem is that Microsoft hasn’t released a “super” game for quite some time. They have a lot more in the works, State of Decay 3, Fable, Perfect Dark, etc. But many of these games I still don’t know how many years ago and already had the necessary reboots during development. Additionally, Halo Infinite is nowhere near as successful as it had hoped. Halo could of course be a nice alternative to CoD on Xbox.

On the other hand, Sony often delivers first-party titles that are of “superior” quality and generally do better with journalists and gamers. In addition, Sony is also known for its single player experience.

The problem I’ve always had with this deal is that there’s a very good chance that a lot of games will suddenly become PC/Xbox exclusives. In addition, Microsoft has already shown with Starfield that games already announced for another platform are immediately exclusive to their console.

I have the luxury of having a PC/PS5/Switch/Series X at home and can basically play all games any way. However, I don’t like it when this acquisition suddenly forces me to play the next part of Game X on a specific platform. I often play the big games on Playstation because of the great console, friends, trophies, etc. t want.

For the comment Tencent may take responsibility. Sure, but Tencent isn’t a console developer (only with Logitech they’ve made some kind of mobile hardware for cloud gaming) and being a Chinese company, I think other government agencies would also block things in a full takeover.

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