Jennifer Hoffman enjoying life in the Pyrenees: ‘Nothing, I just go out’

Jennifer Hoffman enjoying life in the Pyrenees: 'Nothing, I just go out'

Dorian’s father buys the couple a farm in the village, where about 80 people live. A big difference with more than 800,000 residents of Amsterdam. “The original intention was to stay here for a month at most,” says Jennifer. dragonfly. But due to her father-in-law’s failing health, they stay longer.

Now you are enjoying the south of France to the fullest. “Life here is quiet, easy and simple.” In Amsterdam, Jennifer walks around the city all day, but that’s not possible here. “At home, I walk to Ecoplaza around the corner twice a day for breakfast and dinner. And I have to drive 25 minutes to do my shopping.”

It takes some time to get used to life outside the A10 ring road. “At first I thought: What am I doing here? Why don’t I sit on an Amsterdam balcony with my girlfriends?” Now I notice that it is also good not to be in the capital for a while. “It’s like I’m using a different part of my brain here and my creativity is flowing again.”

The fact that the Dutch movie star is not recognized is also an advantage. “I like to pull out from time to time and get tired. Nothing for a while, just outside. Cool that I can walk around here in my pajamas under my jacket, no makeup on. Nobody cares about me.”

Her son is also now getting to know a different side of the world. “I’m glad Cooper gets a lot more natural here. I get bored.” She gives him no distraction during the long car ride to the supermarket. “Let him stare out the window, I want to give him that.”

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