Microsoft tells when you can download Windows 11 for free

Microsoft tells when you can download Windows 11 for free

Do you want to upgrade to Windows 11? Then Microsoft has very good news for you. Operating system will be released soon.

We’ve known for a while that Windows 11 is coming, but we didn’t know when exactly. However, Microsoft has now indicated when we can expect the new OS for PC.

Windows 11 is coming sooner than expected

When Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 in June, the company said we could expect the operating system during the 2021 holiday. Usually that means sometime in November/December. However, it will be much closer. Microsoft will roll out the update in phases starting October 5.

Do you have a computer that supports Windows 11? Then the upgrade is completely free. You will automatically receive a message on your computer that you can download the new operating system. If you bought a new PC from that date, there is a chance that the system was already installed in most units as of that date. Then you just have to set it up. Isn’t that the case? Then you can still do it yourself for free when you get a notification.

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Lots of new features

Windows 11 is the new operating system for computers not running macOS or Linux. It promises some new features. Sure, the new user interface looks great, but there’s more. Your content is now centralized via Start and that plays a role Microsoft 365 important role. You will immediately see your recent files. It should also be easier to multitask.

Moreover Microsoft says Windows 11 is the best Windows for gaming. It ensures that you use the full potential of your system with DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR. There will also be a brand new Microsoft Store with apps, games, shows, and movies.

We recommend that you just wait until you get the update from Microsoft. because there fake versions In the market that spoil your computer.

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Microsoft tells when you can download Windows 11 for free

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