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Mwah, as far as I’m concerned, the problem with the latest AC (Valhalla) is that the wonderful world offers very little interactivity. This was much worse in the first part. Just a little less obvious, because it’s such a short game, however that was something that bothered me back in 2009. So I don’t expect Mirage to be my favorite thing (although I want to play it of course). I’m afraid E listened too much to the “other fans”. Because not everyone is dissatisfied, of course, otherwise AC wouldn’t have been around a long time ago.

I think that’s exactly the problem nowadays so many games (and Rockstar games are guilty of that too in my opinion and maybe partly why) are huge ball pits, too much time, little depth. After a game like Outcast (from 97 or so) where your interactions with the locals really affected how helpful they were, I expected we’d be somewhere very different in terms of gaming for about 25 years. And as far as I’m concerned, there might be more development time in the games, there might be fewer games in total and they could cost more if you also got a more complete world (including very good graphics, I think is very important) in exchange . We want to be in the top 30 on a dime.

So now it looks like Starfield (didn’t know that was coming :) ) something that is finally back up to par across the board. Although I also found Cyberpunk (yes also with version) a relief.

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