Microsoft: Sony has deals with game makers to exclude Xbox from ports GamesRadar+

Now you’re talking very paradoxically, Sony is allowed to invest in games and properties, but MS isn’t?

But for now, Sony is still the main player in the gaming hardware market, MS is slowly gnawing at it, with ao. Activision/Blizzard acquisition. However, Sony NOW is still the biggest in the game console market, so why shouldn’t MS be allowed to invest in buying a major studio? Because people are afraid of becoming the largest in the future in the gaming hardware market? Why is this necessarily worse than the dominant Sony?

And it might be Sony’s Bloodborne IP now, but it comes from a collaboration between FromSoftware and Sony. Sony has a direct ~15% stake in FromSoftware…

Sony has also acquired a video game publisher in the past. How many questions have been asked about Sony’s acquisition of Bungie? Will Destiny 3 or the new unannounced IP become a Playstation exclusive?

Both companies have been fined heavily for their anti-consumer behavior in the past, so they’re both not sweethearts. It was necessary for Activision/Blizzard to take over and another party to clean up. The horror scenario was EA’s merger with Activision / Blizzard. Acquisition by Sony, Nintendo or Tencent is not convenient, they don’t have the cultural know-how to get an American company back on track if we’re just talking about a cultural issue within Activision/Blizzard. Neither Google nor Amazon has the knowledge to do anything meaningful with a game publisher of this size, nor has anyone else big enough, so I’m left with MS. The aforementioned Bungie was previously owned by MS and has continued to do so independently (without the HALO IP)…


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