Bizarre Advertisement on Russian State TV: Hungry Christmas in Europe with Hamsters on the Menu | abroad

Bizarre Advertisement on Russian State TV: Hungry Christmas in Europe with Hamsters on the Menu |  abroad

with videoThe Russian state broadcaster RT has produced a wonderful Christmas wish for its viewers and those in Western Europe. The volatile message: Supporting Ukraine is expensive.

Bob Van Hoyt

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In the bizarre video, Russian propaganda channel RT – which is banned in the EU – wishes all Europeans a “Happy Anti-Russian Christmas”. A short video clip shows a family celebrating Christmas in the living room for three years in a row. The situation there is becoming increasingly dire as a result of an energy crisis that – so the message seems – has been self-imposed by the Europeans through Kyiv’s support.

While RT’s ‘Europe’ family is still reasonably warm in 2021 and the daughter of the house is still getting her hamster with a red bow, things seem to be getting worse for them now and in the future. In 2023, they end up in a cold, dark room where the wind howls through broken windows. And in the end, the hamster must also accept her as a kind of Flappie.




Since Russia’s war of aggression, the EU countries have drastically reduced Russian energy imports. As a result, prices for oil, gas and electricity customers have risen sharply. With the horror film, it seems RT also wants to show the home front just how bad EU sanctions against Russia are for Europeans themselves.

Feedback on the video comes from many countries. Someone in Poland shows a beautiful Christmas tree and a thermometer showing 21 degrees. Others wonder if RT didn’t mistakenly depict a Russian family here. It is ironic how RT envisions the future of Russia.

A Norwegian prankster wants to help RT and reports cheerfully that last night the neighbor’s cat was eaten and today’s parrot has to believe it.

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