Microsoft launches Outlook Lite app for Android in limited countries – Tablets and Phones – News

I miss that too, although I own FreeBSD and not even a Linux version will get there (unless it becomes open source).

MS Blocks SMTP/IMAP Nowadays with standard authentication you have to login via their web hassle. Fortunately, Outlook on the web works reasonably well, but is very slow. Maarja.. email is not something I work on a lot these days anyway.

Outlook for Android is really very slow, the database gets very large over time, so you get notifications and then don’t see new emails because the app is still scanning the database. Mail will only appear after 30 seconds or more. If you empty the app after that, it will be fast again for a while, just sign in again. And after a while it happens again.

I had this problem working with a whole bunch of devices that weren’t very fast (Samsung A-series). Of course I made a case with MS but they kept pretending they had never heard of it. While the Internet is full of complaints.

I guess they still have a problem, luckily I don’t have anything to do with it anymore. I have always used Nine which works flawlessly.

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