Microsoft is making it easy to remove Teams integration in Windows 11

On my new Windows 11 laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 3 with i5 CPU) I had real issues with the business version of Teams. The installation went well, but the connection to others did not. Previously built-in Teams/Chat was deactivated, but nothing came of it.

Then Teams was removed and Teams/Chat activated and won’t start anymore. After that, Teams Business can no longer be installed. With the Revo Uninstaller tool it was later possible to remove the Teams/chat app from my laptop and Teams Business installed itself again and was now able to communicate with others.

A brand new laptop with just Teams Business installed. There is no Microsoft Office on it, the rest of my software suite is “portable”, so it is not installed. So don’t be too swayed by Teams, Windows 11 or Microsoft tricks since they released Windows 11.

I’ve already tested this Lenovo laptop to handle Linux just fine, and the Linux Mint 21 version I ran from a pendrive made all devices and buttons work instantly, without having to do anything in the command line/shell/terminal. So there is a way out for me.

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