GoPro HERO10 Black – Inleiding Review

GoPro HERO10 Black - Inleiding Review

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HERO10 Black is an evolution of last year’s HERO9 Black. The most significant achievement is the new GoPro GP2 processor, which enables higher frame rates and (slightly) higher resolutions for photos and video. The HERO10 also offers a waterproof lens hood and a new look for natural colors for video. The differences with HERO9 Black are so limited that the upgrade is not obvious. If you’re in the market for a new high-end action camera, then HERO10 is clearly the best option right now.

New fall, new action camera from GoPro: This law applies again this year, resulting in a new camera GoPro HERO10 Camera Black. Although new? Compared to last year’s HERO9 Black, there is only one big difference in terms of hardware; The GoPro GP1 processor has been replaced by the new GP2. The housing, battery, and even the image sensor are identical to last year’s camera. Does such a new chip make a big difference? The answer is yes and no, according to our tests.

HERO10 Black looks like two drops of water over its predecessor. In fact, if GoPro didn’t choose to create its own brand logo and model number in blue with the new camera, you’d only be able to tell the difference between the two cameras by that model number. So, the new camera once again has a relatively large touchscreen on the back, a square-shaped screen on the front, and a power and record button.

So the big change on the inside, the new GP2 processor ensures that HERO10 actually does everything one step better than its predecessor. Despite using the same image sensor, the maximum photo and video resolutions are slightly higher than HERO9. In addition, for video, the maximum frame rate is doubled at many resolutions, which makes it possible to obtain better slow-motion images. Moreover HypersmouthGoPro Electronic Image Stabilizer, available in higher resolution thanks to the faster GP2 processor. Moreover, HERO10 offers all the functions that HERO9 provides as well, including HyperLapse and TimeWarp fast video modes. One feature that the HERO10 should miss is the ability to wake the camera from sleep mode via voice commands.

The new HERO10 Black can be found at Pricewatch at the time of writing for pricing from €524; HERO9 Black and HERO8 Black are also still available and will be used almost now 385 employment 300 EUR over the counter.

black edition

The new HERO10 camera is called “HERO10 Black”, which brings GoPro back to the past when it released a number of cameras with different specifications in one model year. This was the case recently with the 2018 HERO7, which came in white, silver and black versions, with the black version having the best specs. Since HERO8 came out in 2019, GoPro has always released one variant per model. The suffix “black” is still given, although there are no other variants for HERO8, 9, and 10.

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